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Baby Hedgehogs

Posted by cheekydee on December 6, 2011 at 12:00 AM comments (0)

Shortly we will complete our second short story called “Save Our Hedgehogs”, in the winter many baby hedgehogs die because they are not big enough to hibernate through the winter.

They need to weigh at least 750gms, but if they are a second litter they are usually far too small.

We have a lot of hedgehogs in our garden which we feed every evening, this year we have had 7 altogether, 4 of which were fully grown in time for the winter months, the other 3 were very small, the tiniest being only 120 gms, and unfortunately it died in it’s sleep 3 days after we brought it in to keep it warm and fed.

The other two weighed in at 230gms and 270gms, we named them Itchy and Scratchy, we had them for 10 days in a rabbit hutch next to the radiator in our living room, they were eating really well, cat food, unsalted nuts, dried fruit and meal worms and drinking plenty of water, but one day we noticed a horrid green slimy poo in the hutch, we knew it was Itchy because Scratchy had learned to use the little litter tray that we’d put in the cage.

After researching on the internet we found out it was related to intestinal worms and they would have to go to hospital to get treated.

We found a lovely little hedgehog hospital in Pontlanfraith and took them both on Friday, the people there are voluntarily bringing baby hoglets in for the winter until they are healthy and weigh at least 750gms.

Both Itchy and Scratchy will have a 3 day course of injections and 7 days of antibiotics and then will be tested to see if they are free from worms, they may have to have another course if necessary, and they may be able to come home when they are fully recovered.

Both hedgehogs were treated because they were in the same hutch, but both had also had a good weight gain, Itchy being 160gms and Scratchy almost doubling his weight to 318gms, so at least we knew we had taken care of them properly.  Get well soon little guys.

Lots of Love Poppy and Baarb…..

Itchy and Scratchy are the subjects of our new book, because they are so cute and there are myths about them being flea ridden, when they are not, they can sometimes have mites, which are host specific, they only live on hedgehogs and are treated easily with powder used for caged birds.

If they have ticks you can treat them yourself and worms need to be treated by the hedgehog rescue hospitals … which are free…

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