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Welcome to More Cowbell! Today is Thoughty Thursday when we examine whatever topic is kicking around in my brain for the week.

Today I’m thinking about blogging. There are people who minimize the importance of what a blog can do for your writing.

Not just your writing career. Your WRITING.

One of my fellow scribes made a comment to me a few weeks back that surprised me. The conversation went something like this:

Her: “Well, since you’re not writing right now—”

Me: (She shocked me outta my socks and I completely interrupted her.) “Not writing?! Are you kidding me? I write more now than I ever have in my life!”

Her: “Oh, I know you blog. But I mean you’re not writing on your book.”

Me: “Yes. I am.”

Her: “Really? I thought with all that blogging, you wouldn’t have time.”

I’ll admit I was a bit irked by…

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