Some Uplifting Poetry from Baarbaara’s alter ego Dharma

The Top of Carn-Bugail


A magical and secret world, changing every second,

Each moment as beautiful and breathtaking as the one before,

Subtly moving as the sun goes to sleep until morning.


Lighting giving a heaven sent visual parody,

Colours to be inspired and overawed by,

On top of this Garden of Eden, enveloped in brightness, searing to the eye.


This amazing scene surreal In the heart of the Welsh countryside,

Scruffy old sheep shedding wool, lambs, horses and ginger cows,

Amidst old forgotten burial chambers, and old remembered ones.


In summer this will be the backdrop for life’s theatre,

A curtain behind which struggles can be forgotten,

A place to sit, watch and listen, A place to just be.,


In the winter a different story,

 Wild, wet and Windy,

A barren place, shrouded in fog and mystery.


©dharma11 – 2011

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