Hedgehogs are back..

Hibernation is over the hedgehogs have been turning up every evening for food, there are two so far, last year we had 2 adults and 3 babies, then another 3 babies after the bigger ones had hibernated, we brought them i as they were tiny, unfortunately one died in the night and the other two went to hedgehog hospital for the winter months, one was very poorly, but the volunteers at the hedgehog hospital in Pontlanfraith gave her antibiotics and injections to get rid of intestinal worms.

Hedgehogs need to be a  minimum of 750gms to survive the winter, the tiny one that died was approx 80gms, then 160gms and 220gms which is incredibly small and the people at the hospital were very surprised that they’d survived at all.


 This is the bigger of the two who survived nicknamed Scratchee.

Also Hedgehogs DO NOT have fleas, it is a total MYTH, they have mites which are host specific and can be treated easily by the vet or with powder used for birds.

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