AWww, poor little thing, at least she had a happy end….get your tissues ready..


“OMG….Get your tissues ready, this truly is beautiful! I have a blind dog, both his eyes had to be taken out due to Glaucoma, he gets around ok because he know’s the layout of my house. But if we move any furniture or even a chair he bumps into it; I have no idea how this poor little dog survived as she did, but her perseverance to live when encouraging arms enveloped her, is there for all to see. To those who extricated this amazing little fur ball-  Thank you”

I was asked by a few bloggers to combine the two Fiona videos into one video so it would be easier to share. I really hope many people would watch it, share it, and join us in this nonstop effort. Rescues like this one cost a lot of money, so please help us by making a small donation. Our website: – Thanks!!!


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