The Neglected Bookshelf

Neglected Book-tile


The Neglected Bookshelf

 I recall a time when you breathed life into these pages,

Now, a battle weary Battalion leaning to the left

And to the right,

Unable to raise their weapons to attract your attention.

Neglected leaves, dusty and decaying, still bursting with

Mysteries and knowledge, but no more sought after or revered.

Imagination and Inspiration replaced by Indignation!

A sacrilegious succession of upgrades and technological advancements that know all!

How can we compete?

Buddha sits cross-legged in tangerine robes, pondering Ptolemy’s never changing map.

Unfinished Revolution, silent, beside Rogue Nation.

Nostradamus’s never ending Journey of Self Discovery.

The Serial Killers, Mystical Murders that are Beyond Belief with only a Sole Survivor.

The Dead Sea Scrolls adjoin City of Revelation, whilst The Red Ripper is Hunting the Devil.

Arthur Koestler’s Sleepwalkers enter The World of Copernicus – Breakthrough – The Scarman Report has Total Surveillance.

The Uninvited Spirit plagues Astral Doorways whilst The Good Spell Book tries to offer its protection.

Perhaps The Tarot of The Bohemians can foretell a better future for us or The Wisdom of The Mystic Masters re-ignite your desire.



Dharma11 Jan 2013


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