Happy Birthday to Baarbaara The Sheep (BBTS) Publications – Let the Tails Continue – Part 1

Today is the first day of the 5th year of BBTS publications – Not bad for a sheep – My work involves writing/editing and publishing. I also help people to understand the process of Self – Publishing or Indie Publishing as it has become popularly known. As little as 6 years ago Indie Publishing was frowned upon, thankfully today people’s views have changed for the better.If you would like more information on my services please email me at: baarbaarathesheep@hotmail.co.uk

What began as a one off publication, ‘Save Our Valleys – A Sheep’s Tail,’ printed and bound from the comfort of my field, has become a proper entrepreneurial adventure. After encouragement from friends and local people, I published the book via the Createspace Platform on Amazon.

The book was written to raise awareness of a local campaign group,  (UVAG) United Valley’s Action Group, who were opposing a proposal for an incinerator on the mountain at Ffos Y Fran, Cwmbargoed. Details of the successful campaign can be read at the following links:

Wales Online – Incinerator Battle Goes To Downing Street

Covanta Drops Incinerator Plans

Initially I wrote a story about the animals from the mountain helping the campaigners with their fight. This was to try and encourage younger people to get involved. Due to its political nature, no publisher would get involved, that is how I came to self-publish. The book now sits on the library shelves in Caerphilly County Borough.

Complete Cover Save Our Valleys

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The second publication was a poetry anthology by locals to raise money for another, ongoing, fight. A new opencast mine opposite the existing black hole at Ffos Y Fran. Nant Llesg is an untouched site of natural beauty. The habitat is perfect for migrating birds. Rhaslas pond, situated in the middle of the site is of historical interest as well as being a spectacularly beautiful part of the area. Despite Caerphilly Council’s unanimous decision against the proposal in August 2015, the company involved, Nant Llesg Ltd, a subsidiary of Miller Argent, have decided to appeal. The most recent opposal by UVAG has been against Nant Llesg Ltd’s intention to fence off the area.

Rhaslas Pond Blog and Photos

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More about the Campaign (Americymru)

Black Hole Cover Image

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Details of the ongoing campaign by UVAG against Nant Llesg can be read on the links below:

Best Outcome for Anti-Opencast Campaigners

Wales Online – Thousands Pen Objection Letters

Victory to Anti Opencast Campaigners

After the success of the first two books, I was encouraged to go to University by a friend of mine who had just completed her BA Honours in Creative and Professional Writing. To be honest, I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting in. The last time I attended school was over 30 years ago. But to my surprise I was accepted on the initial course which was a two year foundation degree in English and History at Lambridge University, formerly Glamorgan, Treforest, and now known as The University of South Wales.


Part 2 coming soon…. Watch this space.







Biodiversity Poetry

Biodiversity so close to home

As the sun shone in the blue sky high above,

I sat in our garden and acknowledged all we have:

Three chaffinches with little red berets, were busy investigating the flower beds,

Red Kites soared high above, playfully riding the warm thermals,

Jackdaws were calling, feeding young, their nest in a chimney top, safe from prey,

Blue tits brave upon the feeder, catch our gaze, chatting amongst the fertile Hawthorne, heavily laden with life sustaining nourishment.

Delicate fern fingers reaching toward heaven, bathing in the suns warmth, growing hearty,

Rosebuds cracking open, a hint of crimson colour,

Young elders, bushy, green,

Buddleia, their purple haze, nectar for our butterflies and  bees,

Lily of the valley, scent sublime, tiny droplets of ivory satin,

Carpet of blue Forget- me- nots, I’ll try…..




The Future Leaking Through

A Bee See,


I thought they had gone long ago!

A casualty from the time before the flowers were not all pollinated by hand,

From the time when

Pesticides, drip

Insecticides, drip, drip

Herbicides and Biocides, drip, drip, drip

Were not banned,

The old people say, they buzzed, In ages past,

What a waste,

It should have been as easy as A. B. C.


By Tog Deri  23rd May 2013 FOE….



Save the Butterflies

Ivory butterflies with sunset tipped wings,

To see you flying free, makes my heart sing,

Cabbage whites where did you go?

What have we done to make your numbers so low?

The noble red admiral with colours so bright,

Why are we not more aware of your plight?

When I was a child, in a field I’d lay,

And watch hundreds of species going about their day,

Now my vision is clouded and we’ve shrouded the sun,

Because pesticides and pollution are taking you all, one by one,

It is our duty to save you from depletion,

So campaigning to protect you, must now be our mission.





The Humble Bumble

Humble Bumble, Busy, Buzzy Bee,

Enhancing life and creating biodiversity,

Pollinating flowers, working long hours,

A co-operation, like a mini factory nation.

How much We owe you fuzzy little creatures,   (We Collective)

With your black and yellow stripes and your delicate features,

Living in a dimension so different from ours,

Like little tiny faeries with magical powers.

Lives so short, yet powerful and creative,

Now it is our turn, to help you thrive and live,

Without your help, biodiversity will die,

And you’ll Bee a distant memory way up in the sky…  (You Bee)





Wildlife Around Rhaslas Pond the proposed Opencast Extension Site…….

These are some of the beautiful animals that live alongside the already huge opencast at Ffos-Y-Fran and they want to extend it to Nant Llesg and take away their grazing land, Rhaslas pond and the beautiful views across to Brecon National Park, we are going to fight this all the way, we will not let […]

Wildlife around proposed Opencast Extension site at Rhaslas Pond

This gallery contains 122 photos.

These are some of the beautiful animals that live alongside the already huge opencast at Ffos-Y-Fran and they want to extend it to Nant Llesg and take away their grazing land, Rhaslas pond and the beautiful views across to Brecon National Park, we are going to fight this all the way, we will not let […]

Hedgehog Rescue saving Itchee & Scratchee now available on Kindle

Click here to purchase Saving Itchee & Scratchee Kindle version

The cover for the new book Saving Itchee & Scratchee

Left Out in the Cold


Two baby hoglets, left out in the cold,

Poor little dwts, they’re not very old.

Their Mam and Dad

have gone to sleep for the winter,

So Scratchee must look after

His little sister,

Itchee’s her name, and she is so small,

Only about two inches tall.

Scratchee must find a place to

keep her warm,

Somewhere they won’t come

To any harm,

Where there’s plenty of water,

And some food for them too,

They need help very soon,

But help from who?

Stop the Rape of the Fair Country

Thanks to Eddy Blanche for creating this video, it says it all…..

United Valleys Action Group is on facebook and are  trying to stop any more devastation of  the beautiful green Valleys by Opencast Mining.


and Stop The Rape of the Fair Country facebook is here…..


We also have petitions in all the local areas, Deri Post Office, Fochriw, Pontlottyn, Bedlinog, Tredegar…please sign if you can, many thanks….