Happy Birthday to Baarbaara The Sheep (BBTS) Publications – Let the Tails Continue – Part 1

Today is the first day of the 5th year of BBTS publications – Not bad for a sheep – My work involves writing/editing and publishing. I also help people to understand the process of Self – Publishing or Indie Publishing as it has become popularly known. As little as 6 years ago Indie Publishing was frowned upon, thankfully today people’s views have changed for the better.If you would like more information on my services please email me at: baarbaarathesheep@hotmail.co.uk

What began as a one off publication, ‘Save Our Valleys – A Sheep’s Tail,’ printed and bound from the comfort of my field, has become a proper entrepreneurial adventure. After encouragement from friends and local people, I published the book via the Createspace Platform on Amazon.

The book was written to raise awareness of a local campaign group,  (UVAG) United Valley’s Action Group, who were opposing a proposal for an incinerator on the mountain at Ffos Y Fran, Cwmbargoed. Details of the successful campaign can be read at the following links:

Wales Online – Incinerator Battle Goes To Downing Street

Covanta Drops Incinerator Plans

Initially I wrote a story about the animals from the mountain helping the campaigners with their fight. This was to try and encourage younger people to get involved. Due to its political nature, no publisher would get involved, that is how I came to self-publish. The book now sits on the library shelves in Caerphilly County Borough.

Complete Cover Save Our Valleys

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The second publication was a poetry anthology by locals to raise money for another, ongoing, fight. A new opencast mine opposite the existing black hole at Ffos Y Fran. Nant Llesg is an untouched site of natural beauty. The habitat is perfect for migrating birds. Rhaslas pond, situated in the middle of the site is of historical interest as well as being a spectacularly beautiful part of the area. Despite Caerphilly Council’s unanimous decision against the proposal in August 2015, the company involved, Nant Llesg Ltd, a subsidiary of Miller Argent, have decided to appeal. The most recent opposal by UVAG has been against Nant Llesg Ltd’s intention to fence off the area.

Rhaslas Pond Blog and Photos

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More about the Campaign (Americymru)

Black Hole Cover Image

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Details of the ongoing campaign by UVAG against Nant Llesg can be read on the links below:

Best Outcome for Anti-Opencast Campaigners

Wales Online – Thousands Pen Objection Letters

Victory to Anti Opencast Campaigners

After the success of the first two books, I was encouraged to go to University by a friend of mine who had just completed her BA Honours in Creative and Professional Writing. To be honest, I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting in. The last time I attended school was over 30 years ago. But to my surprise I was accepted on the initial course which was a two year foundation degree in English and History at Lambridge University, formerly Glamorgan, Treforest, and now known as The University of South Wales.


Part 2 coming soon…. Watch this space.







Actor Michael Sheen Attends UVAG meeting at The Blast Pontlottyn

This gallery contains 28 photos.

On the 15th September 2014, Director and Producer for BBC Wales: Sian Roderick attended a United Valleys Action Group meeting at The Blast Furnace in Pontlottyn.  Sian was interested in the group’s present (Anti -Opencast, Nant Llesg) and previous campaigns (Covanta – Anti-Incinerator – and Ffos- y Fran – Anti-Opencast), with a view to including the […]

Wildlife Around Rhaslas Pond the proposed Opencast Extension Site…….

These are some of the beautiful animals that live alongside the already huge opencast at Ffos-Y-Fran and they want to extend it to Nant Llesg and take away their grazing land, Rhaslas pond and the beautiful views across to Brecon National Park, we are going to fight this all the way, we will not let […]

Never Give Up……..

Never Give up


Back in June of this year I decided to organize a Poetry Competition called “The Black Hole”, the idea was to get local people involved and put their thoughts about a proposed opencast extension down on paper. To write about the area as it is now, the beautiful Rhaslas Lake, the untouched wetlands where so many species of birds come to nest, the ponies, cows and sheep that live in the area, and the fantastic views of the mountains as far as the Brecon Beacons National Park, or to write about their fears of what would happen if the planning permission was given, how it would affect their environment, their health, their children’s futures, as well as tourism and jobs in the area that  could be under threat.

I had a few responses, but not enough to warrant a publication, pretty disappointing.  However, I decided because of the quality of the poems I had received, I wanted to get these voices heard, so I decided to ask a few people if they would submit a poem and agree to purchase at least one copy of the book for family or friends, also everyone who had contributed would get a Free copy.

This suggestion went down extremely well and before I knew it I had enough poems to publish the book, not only that there will be a 2nd Anthology early next year.  This is due to the fact that I have been attending an open mic. night once a month in Merthyr, and met many more poets with thanks to Mike Jenkins  http://www.mikejenkins.net/  who was originally going to be one of the judges, but ended up contributing 3 fantastic poems to the book.

You can also find two more of the well known Poets on their links below,

Abigail Wyatt  http://abigailwyatt.blogspot.co.uk/

and Winston Plowes http://www.winstonplowes.co.uk/

The book is now available in paperback priced £3.51 with Free delivery in the U.K.

The Black Hole on Amazon.co.uk

Profits from the book will go towards any legal fees accrued by United Valleys Action Group in their ongoing campaign.

There will also be a Kindle version available in the next few weeks.

You can join the campaign on the links below…..




Due to the wonderful support and enthusiasm I have received in the making of “The Black Hole” I hope to bring out a second Anthology in January/Feb 2013, if anybody would like to contribute please get in touch, you can email baarbaara at


Thank You for your support and Watch this Space…….


The Black Hole Poetry AnthologyThe Black Hole Poetry Anthology by Deborah Price
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A Message to Caerphilly County Borough Council

I believe that Caerphilly Council has a duty of care to the Communities that elected them, I really hope that they take notice of the Campaign Groups, United Valleys Action Group and Green Valleys Alliance who are providing information in regard to the effects opencast mining has on Health, Jobs, Environment, Wildlife, and future Tourism.

All their information has been thoroughly researched, also WHO, The World Health Organisation has done studies on the effects of Cancer causing dioxins from Diesel fumes, the diggers on site at Ffos-y-Fran and Nant Llesg use diesel and the fumes know no boundaries.

More information here…World Health Organisation BBC news

United Valleys Action Group support Green Valleys Alliance Join us on Facebook here….

Help us to put a stop to opencast mining forever…

Thanks to Business man Mitchell Field for the following You Tube Video……

Proposals for an open cast mine at Nant Llesg, Rhymney will soon be submitted by Scottish developer Miller Argent. This will be a huge surface mine that would remain in operation for 17 years and excavate around 6m tonnes of coal from an area of around 3,000 acres – its eastern edge being just 500m from the town of Rhymney.

Green Valleys Alliance is a consortium of local businesses with backing from the local community that launched its opposition to the proposals in July. The Alliance is concerned that the mine will have a negative impact on local jobs and investment in the area, be detrimental to the environment and people’s quality of life and could make the local population vulnerable to long term health risks.

Local businessman Mitchell Field, who employs 140 people at Rhymney-based cosmetics business Richards & Appleby Ltd and features in the video, said:

“We have decided to release this video to highlight the negative impact that these proposals will have on the local area and show people exactly why our group is opposed to the creation of this mine.”

“The video shows the areas that will be affected – lush green fields and farm land that will be completely destroyed – and highlights our concerns about the real risk of job losses and economic decline in the area if this mine goes ahead.”

To find out more visit www.greenvalleysalliance.co.uk, like on facebook.com/greenvalleysalliance or follow @valleysalliance on Twitter.

Rhaslas Not just a pond


I am re-posting this poem, as I visited Rhaslas last night and the beauty of it is quite extraordinary, the picture above is courtesy of Eddy Blanche who lives in Fochriw, which is one of the nearest villages to the planned opencast mine extension. 


“I sit beside this vast expanse of water, my vision completely encompassed with glittering blue, I blink and look up to the sunshine, before I lose myself, before I become magnetised by flickers of sunlight upon a moving mass of beauty.

I cannot comprehend why anyone would take away this marvel, a glory in it’s own right, but also a home to many, those around, and those who remain out of sight for fear of repercussions, a nest with eggs of lapwing can be stolen for a price, or for a meal for a hungry fox or badger.

Others come for the fishing, the elegant heron, like a dinosaur in flight, but oh so graceful, the ducks they love Rhaslas for they can dive the bottom for fish, for it is a rare pond, of shallow depth, no more than six in foot.

The algae and the pond weed is food fit for the gods, and sustains many types of wildlife, and the view of the pond and it’s inhabitants sustains the soul.

I beg of you sit there for an hour, on a sunny or cloudy day, sit on the bank and listen, and look out at the sights, if I am not mistaken you will feel rejuvenated and new, and above all you will know that I have told the truth to you.”




Introducing another of our Prestigious Judges Dave Lewis – writer, poet, photographer

Dave Lewis is a writer based in Pontypridd, south Wales. He also lectures IT & Photography, designs web sites and writes a blog. He has always lived in Wales except for a short spell in Kenya in 1993-94.

He writes content for and still maintains many web sites, was web producer for the BBC Wales Scrum V fanzine, has run four hugely successful rugby sites with Rivals.net and used to write a newspaper column for the Pontypridd Observer. He has been published in a number of literary magazines and web sites.

He has had a varied existence to date, and also worked as a builders labourer, plastic engineer, financial advisor, zoologist, doorman, software engineer, actor (one Bollywood film!), schoolteacher, librarian and cyber cafe manager – almost enough for a book one might say!

He hasn’t given up dreaming of being a billionaire philanthropist, not even when his first offspring came along, but may have to settle for an easier life writing poems in the woods.

As well as being a writer Dave is also a keen photographer. He likes to combine poetry and photography and also uses Adobe Photoshop to design his own book covers.

He has been exhibiting and selling his work locally since 1995, has his own Flickr account and recently set up the Gartholwg Camera Club group. His main areas of interest are travel, wildlife and urban decay.

He has also sold his work to local businesses in the south Wales area.

You can purchase and use his images by contacting him direct or by searching Picture Nation where he has a growing collection of stock photography.


In 2005 Dave cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, for Ty Hafan. He is a keen walker and helped lead a school expedition to Ecuador. He has published six books to date, including a crime thriller love story set in various locations around south Wales.

In 2007 he set up and organised the first ever Welsh Poetry Competition, an international poetry competition aimed at encouraging the wealth of creative writing talent that we know exists in Wales but currently languishes in the doldrums.

His books can be bought direct from this web site, from most good book stores and are also available online with Amazon Kindle and other platforms. His latest release is a haiku collection. At the moment he is working on a sequel to his first novel, set mainly in Africa.

After all, life is short and time is elastic 🙂

via Dave Lewis – writer, poet, photographer.