The TARAGGAN Tale – Bargoed

Doris and her six hoglets

***  Doris and her six baby hoglets  ***

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A concrete jungle atop a mountain,

You made it beautiful, you made it bountiful.


Red and yellow and pink and blue,

A rainbow of colours and an Eco-loo.

A green-fingered glory with quite a story,

About those who have tended it and those who inhabit it.


A haven for the hedgehogs, who help keep slugs away.

After dark those spiky balls will all come out to play.

There’s Brychan and Gwladys and Doris and her brood,

Tummy’s grumbling they’ll wake up and search the grounds for food.


In the daytime welcome feathered friends, like Cheeky and his mates,

Who fly around and feast on fat-balls, nuts and juicy gnats.

And don’t forget Mice Manor, where voles are welcome too,

And the great Buggingham Palace, with creepy crawlies running through.


Buzzing bees and pollinators visit for the wildflowers,

And the sensory garden full of herbs with healing powers.


The bottle greenhouse is impressive, it’s the biggest of its kind,

Aluminium tool-sheds are packed with tools for you to find,

To till and sow and work the land

And grow great things by your own hand.


New potatoes, old potatoes,

Red and orange Tiger tomatoes,

Russian Kale and cabbage green,

Big orange pumpkins for Halloween.

Artichoke heads blowing in the breeze,

Fragrant flowers on tasty sweet peas,

Carrots that help you see in the dark,

Radishes that give your taste-buds a spark,

Onions for frying, so good you’ll be crying,

Beetroot for boiling and juicing and pickling,

A wonderful variety of lettuce hearts,

Succulent strawberries for jamming and tarts,

Fruit bushes laden, ripe for the picking,

Gooseberries, raspberries, blackcurrants for tasting.


Aesthetically pleasing and teaming with life,

Once wasteland, now fertile and blooming with growth.

A station for sitting, a scarecrow for scaring,

A spade man, planted, at the entrance, for guarding.   


As you stroll along the log lined ash path,

A feeling of peace comes to pass.

Touch the standing stones before you go,

And salute this project that continues to grow.


The TARAGGAN Tenants And Residents Association

Green Gym And Nursery, you are an inspiration.


The Darran Valley in Photographs Volume 2 by Peter Price – Book Launch Tuesday 5th February 2013 – All are welcome

A History of

The Darran Valley

and Surrounding Area in


Volume Two by PETER PRICE

In Association with The Darran Valley History Group

Peter Price (Author) and Mary Button (Darran Valley History Group, Chair)

Peter Price (Author) and Mary Button (Darran Valley History Group, Chair)

Back Cover

Book Launch

Tuesday 5th February

Fochriw Community Centre

3.00 to 4.30 pm

Deri Library

5.00 to 6.30 pm

The Darran Valley

The Beautiful Darren Valley

I am lucky enough to live in the Darren Valley, you can see how beautiful it is from the photograph above, but there is a lot more to know about this quaint little haven in the Welsh Valleys, There is a NEW WordPress site here……..

We are Looking for Ex Miners especially those who worked in Ogilvie Colliery to get involved, if you can help please get in touch, all interviews will be informal and we will only use your information if  you are happy for us to do so.

Goodreads | Baarbaara Baaa’s bookshelf: Talesof the Rhymney Valley by Richard Felstead

The stories are quaint and short and really interesting, especially the ones unheard of before, a well written and beautifully illustrated (by John Jones) little read, bringing back well researched tales of old with many a humorous twist.

Thoroughly enjoyable a nice easy read and I was lucky enough to have bought a signed book, funnily the author was also my partners Welsh Teacher in Heol Ddu Comprehensive School in Bargoed many years ago.

There is a beautifully written poem in the back of the book by Peter.K.Morgan who was also his English teacher…reads like a faeiry tale eh….baaaa