Tyger Loves SpringWatch

Our Tom Cat Tyger loves to watch SpringWatch as you can see from these photographs… He especially likes Chris Packham when he makes his bird noises.

"C'mon Tygs, Springwatch is on"....

“C’mon Tygs, Springwatch is on”….

Don't think I'll go hunting mice again, I didn't realise they grew so big...

Don’t think I’ll go hunting mice again, I didn’t realise they grew so big…

crow on branch tyger watching (Large) Picture 010 (Large) Picture 011 (Large) Picture 013 (Large) Picture 014 (Large) Picture 015 (Large) Picture 016 (Large) Picture 017 (Large) Picture 018 (Large) Picture 019 (Large) Picture 020 (Large) Tyger and giant crow springwatch (Large) tyger crow (Large) Tyger crow and leaves (Large) tyger dragonfly (Large) Tyger facing crow (Large) Tyger facing crow springwatch (Large) tyger giant crow but not looking (Large) tyger giant mouse springwatch (Large) Tyger Michaela and Chris packham springwatch (Large) Tyger mouse in log springwatch (Large)


Return of the Hedgehogs Itchee & Scratchee

Return of the Hedgehogs cover amazonNow Available on Amazon.co.uk
Return of the Hedgehogs Itchee & Scratchee

Itchee and Scratchee have returned home after their winter in hospital, follow their adventures with Baarbaara and Poppy.  This is the second book in the hedgehog trilogy.  The first book “Hedgehog Rescue Saving Itchee & Scratchee” is also available on Amazon.  The final book will be available summer 2013.

 Return of the Hedgehogs

Itchee & Scratchee

“Do you remember Itchee & Scratchee?

Well, they’ve been in Hospital,

Where they were warm, safe and Happy,

And now the winter is over,

And the grass is in clover,

They’re coming home,

Where they’ll be free to roam,

Their captivity is at an end,

They can see their family and friends,

And their lives can now begin again.”