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Photographs courtesy of Nigel Pugh, Mark DarkMavis Davies and Wales Online.

NO  TA     to     NATO

Austerity measures in place

      Capitalism in your face!

Money spent on war – Food-banks for the poor.

Nuclear Alliance – Where’s the fucking sense?

So called humanitarian interventions!

Paid for by the tax-payer conventions!

A Berlin wall – 11 foot tall!

Billions of pounds wasted, on ego’s inflated!

Voted in by the people – In power deceitful.

These leaders – Soul reapers!

Our natural resources exploited, to the point of NO RETURN!

Mother earth is in turmoil but they have NO concern!

We must fight their oppression, regain possession,

Save our world from destruction, from overproduction.

Stop ethnic cleansing, we are brothers not others!

Our protests are peaceful,

But the police they are brutal.

Still we stand in solidarity – To stop this waste of humanity.



Dharma 11 Sept 2nd 2014


Our Garden – Biodiversity So Close to Home – Poems and Pics

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Biodiversity so close to home

As the sun shone in the blue sky high above,

I sat in our garden and acknowledged all we have:

Three chaffinches with little red berets, were busy investigating the flower beds,

Red Kites soared high above, playfully riding the warm thermals,

Jackdaws were calling, feeding young, their nest in a chimney top, safe from prey,

Blue tits brave upon the feeder, catch our gaze, chatting amongst the fertile Hawthorne, heavily laden with life sustaining nourishment.

Delicate fern fingers reaching toward heaven, bathing in the suns warmth, growing hearty,

Rosebuds cracking open, a hint of crimson colour,

Young elders, bushy, green,

Buddleia, their purple haze, nectar for our butterflies and  bees,

Lily of the valley, scent sublime, tiny droplets of ivory satin,

Carpet of blue Forget- me- nots, I’ll try…..



How Black Were Our Valleys – Commemorating 30 years since the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike

Natalie Butts-Thompson and Deborah Price

Natalie Butts-Thompson and Deborah Price

All profits from the sale of the book go to The South Wales Area – Miners’ Beneficiary Fund.  The books is to be launched at Big Pit Blaenavon on Saturday 5th April 2014.  Starting at 11am there is a day of Commemoration including The Red Choir.

How Black Were Our Valleys for blog

Read more about the book here…


Working Class Heroes – Commemorating 30 years since The 1984/85 Miners’ Strike

Back in 1984 the miners fought their own cold war

Secret documents now unfold

The truth at last it will be told.

It’s 30 years since that debilitating strike

When Dai and Phil and Ron and Mike

Fought every day for one whole year,

Families in poverty and fear.

To starve them back to work she tried

Stopping benefits for which they applied,

Sequestering funds from the NUM

She divided the country into us and them.

She called them ‘The enemy within’

Let them cast the first stone who is without sin.

Pit closures were what they wanted to prevent,

To save what they had, so they could pay the rent.

They travelled the country picketing for their rights,

‘Coal not Dole’ their slogan emphasised their fight.

Up each day at 3am,

Hard working heroes, real men,

With their women’s support, on they fought,

United above, as they were when underground.

Now she’s joined the miners, at last she’s in the ground,

But the legacy of destruction prevails all around,

Empty pits, face value tips,

Community spirit no more,

All because that evil bitch, shut the mine doors.

Dharma11 18th Feb 2014

The Neglected Bookshelf

Neglected Book-tile


The Neglected Bookshelf

 I recall a time when you breathed life into these pages,

Now, a battle weary Battalion leaning to the left

And to the right,

Unable to raise their weapons to attract your attention.

Neglected leaves, dusty and decaying, still bursting with

Mysteries and knowledge, but no more sought after or revered.

Imagination and Inspiration replaced by Indignation!

A sacrilegious succession of upgrades and technological advancements that know all!

How can we compete?

Buddha sits cross-legged in tangerine robes, pondering Ptolemy’s never changing map.

Unfinished Revolution, silent, beside Rogue Nation.

Nostradamus’s never ending Journey of Self Discovery.

The Serial Killers, Mystical Murders that are Beyond Belief with only a Sole Survivor.

The Dead Sea Scrolls adjoin City of Revelation, whilst The Red Ripper is Hunting the Devil.

Arthur Koestler’s Sleepwalkers enter The World of Copernicus – Breakthrough – The Scarman Report has Total Surveillance.

The Uninvited Spirit plagues Astral Doorways whilst The Good Spell Book tries to offer its protection.

Perhaps The Tarot of The Bohemians can foretell a better future for us or The Wisdom of The Mystic Masters re-ignite your desire.



Dharma11 Jan 2013

‘Winter Wonderland’ – A Seasonal Poem by Dharma

Winter Wonderland

 Robin Rspb

Red Robin Breasted Beauty, Bright, Beaked Blackbird,

Feathered  Flyers Feed on Fat Balls,

Sweet Songs Sung on Boughs, Bowed, Bare and Barren,

Berries Buried in Frosty Fauna,

Nature’s Nurture, Nuts,

Nibbling Squirrel sits on Stash, Safe, Secure,

Leaves left Lying, Lazily Lamenting Summer Sunshine,

Wintry Winds Whispers, Feeling Fresh,

Misty Morning, Cockerel’s Crowing.

Hedgehog’s Hibernate in Hidden Camouflaged Chambers

an Underground Utopia of Velveteen Voles, Mice, Moles Miniature

Mounds, Mountainous, Moorlands where Woolly White Sheep Stray.

Mystic Moon, Deep Darkness,

Fox Flashes Fiery Fur.

Owls Oratory Hoot Hoot, Twit Twoo.

Pale Pink Heathers, Holly, Prickly, Pines Pointing at Pondering Skies,

Sublime Storms lit by Lightening, Fearsome, Ferocious, Frightening.

Lakeland Life, Ducks Dive, Heron Hunts,

Silently Salmon Swims as Snakelike River Rushes, Roaring.

Many Magical Mistletoe Secretly Snatched Kisses Kept.

Dharma 11 Dec 2013

School For Hedgehogs – Last Book in the Hedgehog Trilogy

Finally, the last book in the hedgehog trilogy will be available on Amazon by Monday 11th November, which just happens to be Baarbaara’s 102’nd birthday.

Happy Birthday

 Summer is here, the weather is warm,

fourteen baby hedgehogs, have just been born.

 Itchee & Harriet gave birth today,

A celebration of life is on its way.

 Two little nests made from

Sheeps’ wool & leaves,

With fourteen soft skinned babies

enjoying the breeze.

 Their prickles will develop later in the day,

Then harden into proper spikes to keep them from prey.

 Tiny feet complete with claws,

 Little milk teeth

and very strong jaws.

In a few weeks they’ll go

hunting with their Mums,

foraging slugs and worms on their nightly runs.

This is what the baby hedgehogs look like after just three weeks……

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