Poetry Competition

Calling All Poets


Poetry   Competition

There are four age Groups

7 &Under  50p entry

11 & Under 50p entry

16 & Under 50p entry

Adults  £1 entry

There will be an Anthology of 100 poems titled

“The Black Hole” for sale in August 2012.

Closing date: 30th June 2012.


The Black Hole theme is to get your views on opencast mining, the area around the opencast, such as Rhaslas pond, the wetlands & wildlife, & what living close to an opencast feels like. Also what effect you think it would have on future generations if an extension was granted.


There will be 1 Prize in each age group

Which I’m sure is going to be a very tough decision for the judges; however we will be including the best 100 in the book, with an author page for the winning entries as well.  Copyright remains with the author.

Adults & 16 & under groups will receive £15 cash & a copy of the Anthology “The Black Hole”

11 & 7 & under will receive £15 cash & a choice of either a copy of “Save our Valleys – A Sheep’s  Tail” or “Hedgehog Rescue saving Itchee & Scratchee” signed by BaarbaaraTheSheep.


Judges will be announced before competition closes and will not be related in any way to anyone entering, judging will be anonymous, rules of entry and application form can be downloaded from baarbaaarathesheep.wordpress.com or baarbaarathesheep.com

Locally application forms will be made available in Schools, Libraries and Community Centres.

You may enter via email (paypal) baarbaara@baarbaarathesheep.com or post please include the correct entry fee.  

Get your entry forms here:



baarbaarathesheep.com is LIVE

baarbaarathesheep.com Her new website is now up and running please take a look, many thanks, feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook all feedback is gratefully received.
The about me tab links straight to wordpress about me.


Finally finished “Hedgehog Rescue saving Itchee & Scratchee”

For some reason I have struggled to finish the second book in the Baarbaara The Sheep Tails, I just couldn’t get the wording right, however today it is completed and I am happy with it.  Also it has led to a follow up tail, which will probably be the fourth in the series, The Tail of the Black Hole being the third is in progress at present ..(relates to saving Rhaslas pond).

Happy Easter to everyone.

Thanks to everyone who has been following or reading my blog, much appreciated.

The first book “Save our Valleys-A Sheep’s Tail has been on Amazon for a few weeks and I have had a great response so far 97 downloads, 74 on Obooko as a FREE .pdf and many orders for paperbacks in the UK.  At present it is only available on Amazon.com as a paperback but anytime now I will be taking delivery for sale in the UK, 50p from the sale of each paperback will be donated to Barnardos, and the author will be in the Barnardos shop Bargoed signing the book by request in the next week or so. If anyone would like signed copies please feel free to email me, the cost is £2.95 + 60p 1st class postage, as soon as I receive the books I will let you know how much the postage will be, it is a small book, won’t cost a lot.

Here is a sneak preview of the picture inside the book which shows Poppy the Cat letting Baarbaara the Sheep into her home, see if you can spot the baby hoglets……




Stop the Rape of the Fair Country

Thanks to Eddy Blanche for creating this video, it says it all…..

United Valleys Action Group is on facebook and are  trying to stop any more devastation of  the beautiful green Valleys by Opencast Mining.


and Stop The Rape of the Fair Country facebook is here…..


We also have petitions in all the local areas, Deri Post Office, Fochriw, Pontlottyn, Bedlinog, Tredegar…please sign if you can, many thanks….



First BBQ of the year and a fire….

What a wonderful week we have had, sunshine every day, so I arranged for friends to come over and have a BBQ on Saturday and guess what? Yes it was cloudy and also rained a little bit, but we soldiered on and about 6pm the clouds parted and we had some blue sky.

Everyone had a lovely time and we had our first fire in the fire-pit at the bottom of the garden and toasted marshmallows of course….

Oh and I forgot everyone burned £50 notes on the drive….