‘Winter Wonderland’ – A Seasonal Poem by Dharma

Winter Wonderland

 Robin Rspb

Red Robin Breasted Beauty, Bright, Beaked Blackbird,

Feathered  Flyers Feed on Fat Balls,

Sweet Songs Sung on Boughs, Bowed, Bare and Barren,

Berries Buried in Frosty Fauna,

Nature’s Nurture, Nuts,

Nibbling Squirrel sits on Stash, Safe, Secure,

Leaves left Lying, Lazily Lamenting Summer Sunshine,

Wintry Winds Whispers, Feeling Fresh,

Misty Morning, Cockerel’s Crowing.

Hedgehog’s Hibernate in Hidden Camouflaged Chambers

an Underground Utopia of Velveteen Voles, Mice, Moles Miniature

Mounds, Mountainous, Moorlands where Woolly White Sheep Stray.

Mystic Moon, Deep Darkness,

Fox Flashes Fiery Fur.

Owls Oratory Hoot Hoot, Twit Twoo.

Pale Pink Heathers, Holly, Prickly, Pines Pointing at Pondering Skies,

Sublime Storms lit by Lightening, Fearsome, Ferocious, Frightening.

Lakeland Life, Ducks Dive, Heron Hunts,

Silently Salmon Swims as Snakelike River Rushes, Roaring.

Many Magical Mistletoe Secretly Snatched Kisses Kept.

Dharma 11 Dec 2013