Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

The long awaited album – Every Valley – was launched at Ebbw Vale Institute on June 8th and 9th 2017 where it was also recorded.  Myself and my partner were lucky enough to be invited along by band founder, Mr. John Willgoose Esq., as guests for the small part we played in researching the history of the South Wales Miners. John contacted me in 2016 regarding a book that I collaborated on with my fellow student, (at the time) Natalie Thompson, and ex-miners and their families – How Black Were Our Valleys. He was looking for an introduction to some of the people involved in the book. I was happy to introduce him and we eventually met up at Big Pit Mining Museum.

The gig in Ebbw Vale was brilliant, packed to the rafters with fans and those newly converted. People of all ages enjoyed the band’s signature combination of video footage and music that keeps history alive.

PSB Ebbw Vale

They also played some of their previous releases from the albums – Inform, Educate, Entertain and Race for Space.

Go and see them live if you get a chance. Forthcoming tour dates…

For more background on the making of Every Valley you can read John’s Blog – A Willgoose Writes -Tumblr.

There are also plenty of videos available on Youtube – you can subscribe to PSBHQ –  or watch and listen without subscribing if you prefer.

The Making of Every Valley:

They Gave Me A Lamp:

Mother of the Village – featuring the voice of Ron Stoate NUM.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to John and the boys for sending us a copy of the album on vinyl.

You can also follow PSB on facebook


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